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CAR WRECK CASES: Texting and Driving Are Getting Much Worse

Despite all the outcry and the increasing number of laws banning texting while driving, it’s a problem that’s getting worse, not better.

Yesterday, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration released its first major study on distracted driving.  It found that at any one time, 1 in 100 drivers are using a hand-held device for texting, emailing or surfing the web, a number that was an increase of 50% over the prior year.

The study also found that twenty percent of drivers admitted to texting or emailing while driving.   That number increased to 50% of drivers when looking at the 21 to 24 year old demographic. 

Folks, this is a problem.  The study found that this type of distracted driving accounted for 3,092 deaths in 2010.  And the number of injuries were many times that.

If you read this blog, you know that this is something that I vent about all the time  (doing a quick search, I found over 40 prior posts on the dangers of texting and driving).  We need to understand the dangers being created by use of electronic devices.  There aren’t any emails or texts important enough to seriously injure or kill ourselves or others.

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