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What? One Texas Town Will Impose A "Crash Tax" On Car Wreck Victims

I have heard of a number of absurd ideas, but this may take the case.

Starting today, Missouri City, Texas will start charging drivers extra to respond to wrecks.    Drivers involved in a wreck will be charged up to $2,000.00 for first responders, even if those involved in the wreck didn’t call for help.

Missouri City officials think insurance companies, and not crash victims, will pick up the tab, but they don’t appear to be real confident on that point.  Missouri City Fire Chief Russell Sander says drivers shouldn’t be worried because he doesn’t “think they’re going to see much difference in our services or their costs that’s out of the pocket.”

Amazingly, Missouri City isn’t alone.  A number of other municipalities across the country are also charging a similar crash tax.   That trend has been met with some resistance.  Ten states have now outlawed the practice, and bills prohibiting the practice have been introduced in several other states.  Of course, Texas has no such proposal.

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