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Victims Shouldn't Be Anonymous – A Family Fights Back From A Trucking Accident

Too often, the media is focused on the sensationalized “problems” of the tort system. And they do it by looking at the fringe frivolous cases (anyone remember the ridiculous coverage of Roy Pearson’s pants lawsuit?) without looking at the every day, usual cases where people are hurt.

We focus on those that are hurt. On a daily basis, we see people whose lives have been forever altered through no fault of their own.

They’re not anonymous. They’re people. They’re mothers, fathers, children, brothers and sisters. They’re teachers, priests, judges, construction workers, etc.

And they’re stories deserve to be told. People need to understand the resolve, the will, and the toughness that these people demonstrate on a daily basis.

Unfortunately, the media rarely focuses on those stories. But here is one of those rare occasions.

This week, hearings are being held in Washington to limit the amount of time that truckers can drive. It’s the subject of another post, but weary and tired truck drivers is a huge problem that threatens all of us. As part of the coverage of those hearings, ABC 2 News in Baltimore, Maryland tells the story of one of those families.

If you want to understand the pain caused by catastrophic injuries, go watch the story.  You owe it to victims to really understand what’s going on.

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