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There’s a solution on the horizon for driving while distracted

A viable solution for driving while distracted may be about to hit the market. Early indications show that it may make a difference.

It’s no secret that one of the biggest concerns these days when it comes to automobiles is the driving while distracted issue. The driving while distracted epidemic is out of control and something needs to be done about it. The debate around this issue pits those who feel no one should tell them what do to when they drive against those who insist that what others do when they drive is of critical concern, particularly if it means they may die at the hands of someone talking or texting on a cell phone.

Another interesting question in this debate asks who caused the driving while distracted issue to arise in the first place. Some would say the cell phone industry caused it by providing the option for drivers to use cell phones in a moving vehicle. Others feel drivers caused it by ignoring the ramifications of using a cell phone while driving. In other words, drivers chose to make it an issue by not thinking about negligently causing a death.

A solution to this issue may be right around the corner if CellControl’s most recent announcement is any indication. CellControl has linked up with IronBridge Partners (insurance/risk management firm). The two intend to work together to roll out an actuarially supported premium discount program for those who use CellControl solutions.

The idea behind this partnership is that if more people would use the solutions, it would ultimately result in a significant cost savings to the insurance industry and consumers – billions of dollars. What IronBridge does is work with insurers, other insurance related service providers and agents and brokers to strive to be more efficient and be able to more precisely measure/manage risks.

The bottom line is that distracted driving has become an even bigger risk than driving while under the influence, which is disturbing. The costs of distracted driving are emotionally, physically, psychologically and financially staggering, not to mention devastating on a personal level in far too many cases to count. The whole point is that using a cell phone while driving is negligent and that negligence results in significant financial losses to businesses, families and, yes, the insurance industry. Think your insurance premiums are too high? Accidents statistics account for a good portion of your rate increases.

When all is said and done, if the partnership of these two businesses pays off by reducing the number of deaths and carnage on the highways and byways of America, perhaps more of our loved ones will come home safe. Maybe, in the process, the education involved in this program will finally hit home and people will start taking responsibility for their driving and taking responsibility for choices that may kill others.

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