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The scene of a trucking accident must be preserved

The evidence at the scene of a trucking accident is vital. It speaks to who is liable when the case goes to court.

Within minutes after a trucking accident, police, investigators, company lawyers and medical personnel arrive to do their part in picking up the pieces; to figure out who was liable for the crash and therefore, liable to pay damages. While that may sound easy, it’s not. There may be criminal charges and/or a civil lawsuit that arises from the accident. Typically, the evidence that is most telling is the amount of property damage involved, what kinds of injuries the victims sustained and other information about the trucker and the company that hired him or her.

Think the evidence might not be enough to prove fault or to figure out what happened? Think again. There are usually police or independent accident reconstructionists whose sole expertise is piecing together the aftermath of a wreck. They can tell with amazing accuracy what happened, despite what the parties may recall – intentionally or unintentionally.

While the professionals do their job, it’s just as important for you to have someone record the details of the crash. This would include photos of the damage, the actual scene, tracking down witnesses and other details. This is what an Austin accident lawyer does; preserves the vital evidence that will be needed in court later, or in the alternative, used for settlement negotiations.

When building a case to take to verdict, part of that case will involve detailed photos of the scene, including truck signage, the surrounding area, location of traffic lights, if applicable, location of any other vehicles involved, skid marks and debris. Other items needed would be the weather conditions on the day the accident happened, any line-of-sight obstructions and the police report, videos and photos.

Attention to detail in a trucking accident case is the hallmark of a tenacious and well-seasoned Austin accident lawyer. They immediately line up an expert to inspect the truck involved in the crash, obtain the truck’s black box to get information on the speed the truck was going before the accident and the prevailing road conditions. Don’t wait too long to call an Austin accident lawyer, because in cases like this, they need to move fast.

Many people don’t realize that it’s not just evidence from the scene that is crucial to their case. Evidence collected from the trucking company is another important part of the whole picture. Your lawyer will need information on the driver’s qualifications, hours of service, results of drug and alcohol testing performed after the wreck, information on how the company handles hazardous materials, depositions from company personnel and the trucker involved in the accident and all records relating to truck maintenance, trip inspection reports, trucker log book, and more. Federal law allows trucking companies to discard some of this information as soon as six months after a wreck, so hiring a lawyer quickly is imperative. No stone is left unturned for evidence to help the plaintiff secure a fair and equitable settlement.

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