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New Trucking Accident Danger?

Since I have represented a number of people in trucking accidents, I’ve written here about a number of different dangers of trucking accidents.

But this trucking accident danger  is new for me.

Trucker Louis Holst and his wife had picked up a load that included 460 bee hives.  When his load became unstable, the truck toppled over, and approximately 25 million bees were on the loose. 

I don’t want to make light of it because Mr. Holst and his wife were both injured, but the case is a good example of two trucking problems.  First, one of the more popular causes of wrecks is an overturned trailer.  Those are typically caused by improper driving moves or improper securing of the load in the trailer. 

Second, there are immense dangers acused by dangerous loads.  While the bee swarm isn’t your typical type of dangerous load, it is a good reminder that hazardous cargo can pose a danger to truck drivers and to other motorists.

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