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Motorcycle Accidents: ROT Rally Motorcycle Fatalities

Austin’s annual Republic of Texas (ROT) Rally has come and gone, and again we’ve had too many motorcycle fatalities.   This year, three motorcyclists were killed during the weekend.

In the first incident, a rider crashed into a guardrail on the Highway 290 flyover and fell off the flyover.

In the second incident, the rider was attempting a turn on Koenig Lane but crashed because his kickstand was down.

In the third, a rider was traveling on MLK Blvd when a Lexus turned in front of him.

Sadly, this makes some progress.  At first glance, only the third incident appears to have been caused by other motorists  (though police are still investigating what caused the first motorcyclist to hit the guardrail).  In years’ past, there seemed to have been more fatalities caused by other drivers.

There could be several reasons for that, but I suspect it’s because Austin drivers are becoming more aware of motorcyclists during ROT Rally weekend.   As Austin continues to host the Rally, people naturally become more aware of it.  But public officials are also pitching in. It appeared to me that there were more signs warning drivers to look out for motorcycles.

Let’s hope that these improvements continue and that we see fewer and fewer motorcycle accidents on ROT weekend and throughout the rest of the year.

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