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More On Texting While Driving (and Talking While Driving) In School Zones

Last night, Fox 7 ran yet another story about the continued problem of Austin drivers texting and using cell phones in school zones.  This is a continued story and a continued risk to our kids.  And when I say “our kids” in this instance, I mean it.  My son’s elementary school  (my daughter has graduated to middle school) has become the poster-child for these stories.  I bet this is the 5th story in the last year or so featuring this problem that has focused on our school.

This is a problem that has to stop.  I know people feel the urge to see who sent that text, check that last email, or make that call that they’re thinking about.  But don’t do it.  Our children are too important to subject to those risks.

I’ve been griping about this for quite some time now.  And if you’re on my newsletter list, you know that I’ve decided to do something about it.  I’m joining up with people across the country to offer seminars on the dangers of distracted driving.  It’s time we stood up for the safety of our kids.

You can watch the news story below:

Cell Phone Law Loophole Puts Kids At Risk:

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