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Is Cedar Park Dropping The Ball By Not Enacting A Ban On Texting While Driving?

Last week, the Cedar Park City Council discussed the possibility of enacting a ban on texting while driving.   But despite acknowledging the problem  (they passed a resolution saying it’s bad), they didn’t take any steps to actually curb it.   They seemed to lean against an outright ban for all, and are only weakly considering a ban for city drivers.

Not surprisingly, they are parroting Governor Perry’s lame excuses for vetoing a state-wide ban that such a ban might be micro-managing behavior.  That’s just ridiculous.

Studies show that texting and driving are much more dangerous than driving while intoxicated and speeding.  Yet no one would think that DUI/DWI laws or speed limits are “micro-managing” behavior.  Doesn’t it make sense to outlaw one of the most dangerous activities that people can do while driving?

I’ve got a wife and two kids.  I want to know that they’re safe out there on the roadways.  If people are dumb enough to text while driving (and apparently they are), then I think it’s fine to enact a law discouraging that so that the roadways are safer for my family and yours.


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