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Investigating Roll-Over Accidents

We’ve represented people in a number of roll-over accidents, and I have made several posts, many of which emphasize the undiscovered potential claims that arise in roll-over cases.

Today, my friend Steve Lombardi, a Des Moines, Iowa personal injury lawyer, has a good blog post that talks about investigating roll-over accidents

Steve’s post walks you through a number of the things that are important to many investigations (such as measurements of skid marks, speed, road condition, etc). 

The only part of Steve’s post that really isn’t applicable to Texas law is his commentary on complicity as it relates to passengers who may have been drinking with a drunk driver.  In Texas, we don’t have a complicity defense — where the passenger’s claim might be completely barred.  Instead, we have a comparative responsibility defense — where the jury is asked to give a percentage of fault to all involved (driver, passenger claimant, etc.) and then the claimant’s damages are reduced by his own percentage of fault.

Other than that, he’s spot on.

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