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Injured? When Do You Need To Talk To A Personal Injury Lawyer?

I often have the misfortune of telling potential clients that I can’t help them because they didn’t come to us soon enough.  Clients often think they’re doing great to call us several months before a statute of limitations runs.

But that’s not always enough notice.  A number of cases require immediate attention.  For example, in a premises liability case, for best results, we need to be able to inspect the scene as close to the date of the accident as possible.  When conditions change, it’s hard, if not impossible, to go back and recreate who was at fault.  Sometimes clients can take photos and document the scene so that we do those types of investigations, but it’s safer to get the expert and attorneys out there before any changes are made.

And don’t get me started with trucking cases.  In a serious trucking case, the trucking company will have its experts at the scene, inspecting vehicles, etc within a few hours.  That’s a huge advantage.  An injured person obviously won’t be able to timely research a trucking case unless they hire an attorney early.

Even in some of the most basic car wreck cases, early investigation can be important.  Police officers investigate hundreds of accidents per year.  You don’t need to talk to them in every case, but when you do, you need to talk to them early so they remember the wreck you were in.

So that’s the answer.  Talk to a personal injury lawyer early.  Once you miss the time to do investigation, you can’t get that back.

Waiting too long to contact an attorney is only one of many mistakes that accident victims make that can hurt their claims.  If you’ve been injured in a Texas accident and you want to avoid those mistakes, order our free book HOLDING WRONGDOERS ACCOUNTABLE: Avoiding Mistakes That Can Ruin Your Texas Accident Claim.  We’re on a mission to make sure that insurance companies and other lawyers don’t take advantage of accident victims, and a lot of the advice in the book is designed to prevent that from happening.

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