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IH 35 Wrong Way Driver Kills A San Antonio Police Officer

If you’ve read this blog at all, you know that we closely follow stories about wrong way drivers because this is a phenomenon that seems like it should never happen, and yet it’s becoming routine.

This morning, a San Antonio police officer, Officer Stephanie Brown, was tragically killed along I35 when a wrong way driver slammed his SUV into her patrol car.   

This wreck fits the pattern of most wrong way driver incidents — the wreck happened early in the morning and the wrong way driver was potentially drunk.  Most of these wrong way driving cases are late night accidents involving drunk drivers or are caused by elderly drivers.

This case is an example of one of my biggest concerns about these kinds of wrecks — there’s almost nothing you can do to avoid being in a wreck with a wrong way driver.  And here, the victim was a police officer, someone who likely had special training to avoid auto accidents, and she couldn’t avoid this tragic situation.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to Officer Brown and her family and friends, but sadly, Officer Brown won’t be the last victim of a wrong way collision.  As more and more complex highways and interstate interchanges are being built in the Central Texas area, stories about wrong way drivers are becoming more and more prevalent. 

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