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If I Can't Work After A Car Wreck, Who Will Pay My Lost Wages?

I’ve been in a wreck and I can’t work. Who’s going to pay me for my lost wages?

In a normal claim, when you are in a car accident and make a claim against another driver, you’ll be able to make a claim against them for lost wages.  Unfortunately, those amounts are not paid until the case is settled or resolved at a trial.  Depending on the severity of your injuries and how unreasonable the insurance company is, that could take a long time.

The only good way to make sure that you are paid for your lost wages as you go along is by purchasing personal injury protection (PIP) coverage on your own automobile policy. Personal injury protection coverage is very inexpensive, and it protects you and your family by compensating you for lost wages and for medical expenses.

If you don’t have these coverages, I urge you to contact your insurance agent and talk to the agent about the protection PIP offers.

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