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Finding Sources of Recovery — Another Reason To Hire A Personal Injury Attorney

One of the most important things a personal injury lawyer can do is to identify potential sources of recovery.  It seems easy enough, but it’s been an issue in at least two new cases in the last couple of months.

In one case, the potential client came to me after getting the run-a-round from an insurance company.  This is one of the most organized clients I’ve had in a long time, and she was on top of everything.  She came and told me that the recovery was going to be limited to the other driver’s insurance and to her underinsured motorist coverage.  But after talking to her, I was able to identify another policy of insurance that might help her.   That was bringing significant value to her claim.

Similarly, another client came to me after his prior lawyer said there wouldn’t be enough insurance to help him.  Again, I was able to identify potential coverage that even the first lawyer had missed.  This added tens of thousands of dollars to his potential recovery. 

While this doesn’t happen all the time, it is fairly common.  Lay people like to think they can handle their own claims (and in some cases they can).  But in many instances, an experienced personal injury lawyer can bring value to the claim in ways that you haven’t thought about.

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