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Do Personal Injury Lawyers Make A Difference?

One of my favorite things is disbursements — giving clients their checks from settlements or judgments.

Today, I’m making disbursements in a settlement of a car wreck case, and the case is an example of how personal injury lawyers can help.

Before his hiring of me, the insurance company had made an offer of $924.12 to settle the case.  I do not want to disclose the amounts that we settled for, but we settled for the insurance company for the driver who caused the wreck paying the full amount of its insurance policy and for my client’s underinsured motorist carrier paying the full amount of its policy.

Obviously, this is an extreme case.  But I’m seeing more and more insurance companies try to settle claims directly with clients for ridiculous amounts.  It scares me to think that many accident victims naively accept those amounts.

If you or a loved one is injured in a wreck, at least talk to an injury attorney to make sure that the insurance company isn’t taking advantage of you.

If you or a loved one has been injured in a wreck, we would like to help.  Please contact us by calling (512)476-4944 or by submitting your case through the many submit a case forms on this site.

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- Sara Hickman