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Construction Zone Accidents Remain A Problem

A road construction worker died in a Tuesday afternoon construction zone accident in Lockhart (my hometown — in fact, you’ll pass a large Schuelke Road sign as you drive down 183 from Austin to Lockhart).  It appears that the worker was killed when a construction vehicle backed over him.

These types of events are tragic, but they’re not much of a surprise.  Work zones are routinely one of the most dangerous parts of the road for both motorists and for the workers.  However, this wreck was unusual in two respects.  Generally, the more dangerous construction zones are those on highways.  Though details are sketchy, this wreck appears to have occurred on a residential street (though one of the busiest streets in town). 

Also, work zone injuries to road workers are usually the result of unsafe motorists — not from other road workers.   Protections and protocols should be in place to protect workers from one another.  Sadly, those protections must have been absent or improperly used in this case.

I will try to update this post or provide other posts as more develops.  In the meantime, if you’re interested in this topic, you can see my prior posts on work zone accidents:

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