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Car Wrecks: Traffic Fatalities Continue To Mount

It’s been less than a week since I posted about last year’s record number of traffic fatalities, and already we’ve seen a number of 2013 traffic fatalities.  On New Year’s day, a father and son were killed in a motorcycle accident, and on Thursday, a 19 year old was killed in a rollover accident on IH 35 near the Texas 45 toll road.

Combining those wrecks with two fatal accidents from earlier in the week, this has already been one of the most deadly weeks we’ve seen.

It’s speculation at this point, but the likely culprits in these wrecks were the same ones we see over and over:  speed, distracted driving, or alcohol.

If drivers would avoid those three items, we would probably avoid about 90% of the car wrecks that we see.

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