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Car Wrecks: Distracted Driving Comes In Many Forms – Even Pizza

I hear a lot of stories about distractions that cause people to have wrecks, but this was a new one for me.

Last week, Detroit Lions wide receiver Nate Burleson leaned over to try and and adjust one of the pizza boxes falling off the seat off his SUV.  Unfortunately, when leaning over, he veered a bit, over-corrected, and hit the median wall.  He broke his arm in two places and will be out of commission for several weeks.

This is just another reminder of all of the things we don’t consider as potential distractions that can have an adverse affect on us when we get in our cars.  Whether it’s a phone, a pile of papers sliding around, an empty water or soda bottle rolling around in the floor, we should look to see what distractions we can easily eliminate.  There will always be things we can’t control, but there are also obvious things that we could adjust that would make us all safer drivers.

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