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Austin Rollover Accident — Let It Be A Lesson

Earlier this week, I had a post about rollover accidents and recognizing product defect claims.  In the post, I talked about how one of the biggest dangers of being in a rollover accident was being ejected or partially ejected from the vehicle.  If you are wearing a seatbelt and the seatbelt works properly, you should stay in the protected crush zone, minimizing your injuries  (you’ll be hurt, but you’ll likely survive).

Last night there was a rollover accident  on Hamilton Pool Road that might help prove my point.  There were three occupants in the vehicle.  One was ejected.  I’m guessing that the two drivers in the front seat were wearing their seatbelts and they remained in the car.  The driver in the backseat was probably the one that was ejected and probably suffered the most severe injuries of the three.  Fortunately, the report says that none of them suffered life-threatening injuries.

Now, the wild-card on my speculation of what happened is that the car caught on fire.  That’s unusual in rollover accidents, but it does make it possible that the people still in the vehicle could have suffered burns, which are horrific injuries.

Whatever happened, it’s another example of why it’s important to wear seat belts.  None of us ever plan to be in a wreck, but those things happen.  And hopefully you’re prepared to minimize the risk that you’re seriously injured.

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