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APD Seeks To Reduce The Risks Of Distracted Driving

If you’ve read the blog regularly at all, you know that one of my pet topics is distracted driving.  We see distracted drivers causing unnecessary car wrecks and trucking wrecks and personal injuries on an almost weekly basis.  And police officers aren’t immune to the problem — in fact, the potential problem is worse for police officers.  They have access to many more on-dash computers and other distractions that typical drivers don’t face.  I’ve previously written about the Austin Police Department taking some steps to reduce the risk, but now they’re hoping to do more. 

Last night, Shannon Wolfson of KXAN News ran a story that talked about APD’s efforts to reduce those risks by changing the equipment in APD vehicles, including making more of the equipment voice activated.  You should watch her story below.  And, it contains a short interview with me.

APD looks to keep cops’ eyes on road:

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