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Archive for March 2020

Covid-19/Coronavirus and Force Majeure Clauses in Contracts

We have received some inquiries from people wanting to know what rights they have under various contracts in light of the Covid-19/Coronavirus pandemic. This isn’t an easy answer. Many contracts have a force majeure clause that specifically govern when an event outside the party’s control prevents a party from performing its contractual obligations. However, in…

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How Covid-19 Will Affect Your Austin Car Wreck Claims

Covid-19 is affecting everything, including your Austin car wreck claims. Last week, the Austin Police Department announced a change in policy that they wouldn’t be personally showing up for most car wreck calls. That’s probably a good call for officers’ health, but it certainly hurts your ability to bring your claims. What can you do…

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What We’re Doing In Response To Coronavirus/Covid-19

For the most part, for us, it’s business as usual. That’s not to say we’re not being safe. We have closed our office and are trying to eliminate all meetings. But that doesn’t mean much changes for us. We have been set up to work remotely for years. Right now, we’re all working from home,…

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