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Archive for March 2018

Uber Self-Driving Car Fatality – A Follow Up

Last week, I had a post outlining the potential legal claims arising from the Uber self-driving car fatality in Arizona. I wanted to update it, because there have been several new articles that have come out that back up my analysis about those who might have potential responsibility. First, I noted that a potential defendant…

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Uber Self-Driving Car Death — A Potential Law School Exam Question

By now, you’ve probably heard about the death that resulted from a car wreck involving an Uber self-driving car.  The tragic facts surrounding the wreck would make a great law school exam question. What do I mean by that?  In law school, exam questions were designed to present as many complicating issues in a case…

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The investigation and healing stage

In most cases, our clients come in to see us shortly after their accident. Both of us have jobs at that point You have two main jobs: to get better and to document your injuries. You get better by going to your medical providers, following their advice, and doing what is necessary to get better.…

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I wish I could tell you that your personal injury case will go exactly how you like it and as smooth as you like it. But from doing this for over twenty years, I know there are at least three things that you’re going to frustrated about at some point.

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