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Archive for March 2015

Teaching Teen Drivers

Articles about teen drivers seem to be in the news (or maybe because I’m teaching my own teen to drive, I’m just noticing the articles more).  Regardless, there were two recent articles I saw that probably interest you if you have a teen driver. The first reports on a study that finds that 60% of…

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Hope After Brain Injury Video

Here’s a good video trying to explain some of the things that brain injury victims go through.  Unfortunately, too many of my clients go through this.    

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Vanishing Lawsuits and Jury Trials

The statistics from the Texas State Office of Court Administration are startling.  In the last ten years, the number of lawsuits having been filed has dropped 17%.  At the same time, the number of civil jury trials have dropped 34%. What’s that mean for you? It makes a difference when you’re hiring a lawyer. The…

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Painful Lessons

In our injury cases, we spend a lot of time really trying to understand our clients’ injuries. As I tell clients, it’s one thing to say that an injury causes you pain or causes you to be limited in your daily activities. But it’s another thing entirely to hear anecdotes about your pain or your…

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