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Archive for August 2013

Is Football Season Also Concussion And Lawsuit Season?

We’re fired up in Texas.  It’s finally game-week for the start of college and high school football.  At my house, we’re making lists of things we need for our beginning of the season barbecue, finalizing our tailgate plans, and starting to hydrate (with a 100 degree temps at kickoff and with our seats being in…

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Texas gas tanker and SUV collide, incinerating five victims

This accident scene looked like a towering inferno had swept though, leveling everything in sight. The collision happened at the intersection of two rural roads. An SUV and a gas tanker collided in a ball of flames, scorching the earth around the two vehicles. None of the five teens in the SUV lived to see…

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Back To School Safety Reminders

Today is the start of school for most of our Central Texas schools. Remember to stay safe in your local communities and in school zones.  In Austin, the Austin Police Department will engage in a Back To School traffic safety initiative through Sept. 6th.  You’ll see more officers patrolling school zones and looking for drivers…

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Fake doctor sued in wrongful death of 5-year-old

Strange things can happen, but this wrongful death case borders on the bizarre. A man who never obtained a medical degree or even a license was discovered to have worked at numerous New York hospitals. He was only outed when a five-year-old patient died after he had been seen by the fake doctor. According to…

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Swimming Pool Drain Dangers

Earlier this week, the oldest son of Usher, a popular music star, was rushed to the hospital following an accident in their pool.  The five year old was playing in the pool when he dove down to remove a toy from the pool’s drain, and the child’s arm became stuck in the drain.  Fortunately, two…

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Austin Among 10 Worst Cities For Traffic

I just saw a story from Yahoo talking about the 10 US cities with the worst traffic, and Austin comes in at number 4 (ahead of even New York City). The story details what all of us know.  For more than a decade, Austin has been among the fastest growing cities in the country,  but…

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