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Archive for July 2013

Are warning signs on treacherous roads enough to prevent auto accidents?

Do warning signs constitute sufficient notice of dangerous conditions for drivers? We all see warning signs on the road every day, but do not always pay attention to what they mean. In fact, some ignore them completely —- until there is a nasty accident. Consider the case of four teens who slammed into a tree…

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Parking Lot Dangers — Van Backs Over Child And Mother

One of my least favorite places to have my kids is a parking lot.  Pedestrians in parking lots are vulnerable.  Cars are coming and going, and often approaching pedestrians from behind.  Parked vehicles are backing out of spots.  Drivers are racing to find that one free spot or racing to get out of the chaos…

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Parents do not understand risks children are exposed to playing contact sports

Playing contact sports carries the risk of long-term brain damage. It only takes a minor concussion to affect the brain. Reading the sports section of the paper is depressingly dismal, as lately it contains stories about well-known and respected athletes who are suffering from traumatic brain injury or have taken their own lives as a…

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Austin Pedestrian/Bicyclist Deaths Continue At A Rapid Pace

Yesterday’s Austin American Statesman reported that Austin is on a record pace for pedestrian and bicyclist deaths. So far, 16 pedestrians and 1 bicyclist have lost their life to wrecks.  In 2012, the current record year, 26 pedestrians and 3 bicyclists were killed. The best quote of the story was from Lt. Troy Officer, who…

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