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Archive for May 2013

Big rigs and medical marijuana are not a good mix

Driving a big rig and smoking marijuana is not only not smart, it can be deadly. The Department of Transportation (DOT) recently issued a notice that stated emphatically that federal law prohibits the use of marijuana by truckers and that the prohibition also applies in states that allow people to use it for recreational purposes.…

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Veterans At Higher Risk For Motor Vehicle Crashes

In an odd phenomenon, recent studies have shown that veterans of Iraq and Afghanistan are at a much higher risk for car wrecks than the general population.  The studies have found: Veterans of Iraq and Afghanistan have a 75 percent higher rate of fatal motor vehicle accidents than do civilians (with a large portion of…

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Employers must provide a safe workplace for employees

Safety in the workplace is a serious issue. Companies that violate the law face penalties and/or lawsuits. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) is deadly serious about safety in the workplace. And despite what companies may think, they do inspect and keep track of whether or not there is compliance after an inspection. In…

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Brain Injury Basics: What Is Cognitive Rehab?

Cognitive problems are the most common lingering symptoms of those who have made a good recovery from a traumatic brain injury.  Fortunately, cognitive rehabilitation can at least help reduce some of these problems. Cognitive rehabilitation is training for the brain and for the victim of a brain injury.  Depending on the extent of your brain…

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