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Archive for March 2013

A Tale Of (Alleged) Lawyer Over-Billing

A recent lawsuit between a law firm and its client has revealed an insight into alleged over-billing by the firm.  The firm, DLA Piper, sued energy industry executive Adam Victor for $675,000 in unpaid legal fees.  Mr. Victor counter-claimed, accusing the firm of fraudulent over-billing. During the course of discovery, the firm was required to…

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Personal Injury News: Help Stop Ambulance Chasing

It’s no secret that those of us who are personal injury lawyers have a bad name.  And one of the biggest reasons is the ridiculous and illegal tactics that many lawyers go through to solicit clients. In Texas, it is illegal for lawyers or those working on the lawyers’ behalf to make initial contact with…

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Junior Seau had chronic traumatic encephalopathy

It was not surprising to learn that Junior Seau had chronic traumatic encephalopathy. Seau took his own life in May 2012 and shocked a nation already reeling over other similar sports deaths. He was a former National Football League (NFL) linebacker, who took punishing blows to the head during game play. It is not unusual…

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Texas employers must report workplace injuries and illness

If you work in Texas, it is the law that employers report all injuries and illnesses. If you have been injured on the job in Texas, or become ill as a result of conditions in your workplace, your employer is obligated to file an OSHA 300 Log. The log must offer a complete picture of…

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Auto Accidents: Deaths Of Teen Drivers Jumped In Early 2012

This week, the Governor’s Highway Safety Association released a new car wreck report finding that the number 16- and 17- year old driver deaths increased 19% in the first six months of 2012 compared with 2011.  This is an alarming trend.  After a decade where we saw the fatality rate decrease significantly, this rapid increase…

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What? One Texas Town Will Impose A "Crash Tax" On Car Wreck Victims

I have heard of a number of absurd ideas, but this may take the case. Starting today, Missouri City, Texas will start charging drivers extra to respond to wrecks.    Drivers involved in a wreck will be charged up to $2,000.00 for first responders, even if those involved in the wreck didn’t call for help. Missouri…

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