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Archive for February 2013

Preparing For Your Personal Injury Mediation

In Texas, most cases are required to go through mediation before they can proceed to trial.  Some lawyers just tell their clients to show up, but I’m a strong believer in the idea that if you’re prepared for the mediation, you’ll be able to make much better decisions about your case.  Here are some tips to…

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Voice-Activated Texting While Driving Is Still Dangerous

After my mom bought her first iPhone, I was explaining Siri to her.  And her first statement was, “Great!  Now I can text in the car.” And my response was to almost scream at her, especially since she drives a lot with my kids. New research is backing up my belief that voice-activated texting while…

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Increased big rig speed on highways may account for more accidents

The good news is that the number of car accidents has gone down. The bad news is that the number of big rig wrecks is on the rise. There are a number of factors at play during a car accident — anything from texting while driving to mechanical failure. And yet, the National Highway Traffic…

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Costs of Medical Care

One of the things injury attorneys deal with on a daily basis is the wildly divergent cost of medical care. It comes up in any number of ways.  For example, our clients may need a surgery, and we will have to obtain an estimate for that procedure. Or maybe we’ve resolved the case and it’s…

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A Look At A Proposed Texting While Driving Ban

If you read this blog regularly, you know that one of the biggest issues we see is car wrecks caused by texting while driving.   As  a result, we’re big advocates of doing what can be done to reduce those auto accidents. During the last legislative session, a bill banning texting while driving was passed, but…

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Will The Legislature Make It Easier To Buy Insurance?

I have long preached that I think the Texas Department of Insurance did consumers a disservice when it allowed insurance companies to offer non-standard policies. It is hard to buy insurance.  Policies are written in legalese so that even attorneys spend their lives fighting over the meaning of certain provisions or phrases.  How is a…

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