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Archive for October 2012

Auto Accidents: Texting While Driving Is In The News

If you read this blog, you know one of my pet peeves/big topics is texting while driving. Yesterday, two texting while driving stories caught my eye.  On the national scene, Yahoo news ran a story about new efforts to enforce texting while driving bans.  The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has issued several grants to…

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Don't Be Penny Wise – Pound Foolish — Why You Need An Injury Attorney

Yesterday’s Austin American Statesman had a story about the government’s efforts to condemn (purchase) land on the US-Mexico border for construction of the border wall.  It follows the story of Teofilo Flores, who accepted the government’s $1,650 offer for a slice of his backyard.  That didn’t seem like a bad deal until Mr. Flores learned…

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Medical Professionals Now Looking At Concussions

It seems to have taken a number of highly-publicized professional athletes to die by their own hand before people started more seriously looking at the long-term issues of traumatic brain injury. Athletes with traumatic brain injury who are still alive may well be wishing they had known more about the cumulative effect of concussions during…

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Top 10 Insurance Myths

Yesterday, an attorney friend bought me lunch in exchange for me giving him some advice about making a claim after he and family members were rear-ended (likely by someone on a cell phone).  One of the things he was disappointed about was that the insurance company wasn’t taking responsibility and was treating his family unfairly.…

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Personal Injury — Trauma Activation Fees Revisited

A couple of months ago, I wrote about the increasing issue we’re seeing with “trauma activation fees” being charged by local hospitals, most notably Brackenridge. Yesterday, the Austin American Statesman ran a front page investigatory story on these fees. These fees are what the hospitals are adding to bills just in case you need a…

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