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Archive for July 2012

New Car Wreck Danger: Distracted Pedestrians

I’ve often written of the problems of distracted driving, but today’s Austin American Statesman had an Associated Press article highlighting an increasing problem, distracted pedestrians. We’ve all seen them (and admittedly, probably been them) — the person walking down the street while texting, checking email, or listening to music oblivious to the rest of the…

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Auto Accidents: Another Austin Work Zone Fatality

Yesterday, a person was killed in a multi-vehicleauto accident in a Travis County construction zone. This isn’t terribly surprising.  Work zones are often the most dangerous part of any roadway — for both passengers and workers.  That’s particularly true in Texas.  For various reasons, we have a disproportionate number of work zone injuries and fatalities. …

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Austin American Statesman Covers Confusing World Of Hospital Costs

One of the most frustrating issues for our personal injury clients is dealing with hospitals and hospital charges that don’t seem to make any sense. Yesterday, Austin American Statesman writer Mary Ann Roser had a great story that looks at the mysterious world of emergency room and hospital charges.  She took the time to research…

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Car Wrecks: Dangers of Cheap Auto Insurance

I was scrolling through Yahoo News the other day and a story about the Hidden Dangers of Cheap Auto Insurance caught my eye. The dangers listed are: 1. You’re probably not getting the coverage you need. 2. Your low-priced deductible could lead to higher costs. 3. Bad customer service is bad, even if your policy…

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Sorry For The Lack Of Posts

I haven’t posted in a while, and there’s a reason.  I’ve been on a mission trip to Liberia and Guinea in West Africa. In addition to my day job of being a personal injury lawyer, I also have a volunteer “job”  serving as the District Lay Leader for the 60+ United Methodist churches in the…

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