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Archive for February 2012

What Does Your Texas Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist Insurance Cover?

I am beating my head against a wall talking to an insurance company this morning. Here’s the situation:  My client is a professional driver  (I won’t tell you what kind).  While driving on the job, he was hit by someone and seriously injured.  In this situation, there are three potential places where an injured person…

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More On Texting While Driving (and Talking While Driving) In School Zones

Last night, Fox 7 ran yet another story about the continued problem of Austin drivers texting and using cell phones in school zones.  This is a continued story and a continued risk to our kids.  And when I say “our kids” in this instance, I mean it.  My son’s elementary school  (my daughter has graduated to…

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Lesson From Austin Hit & Run Accidents: Buy Uninsured Motorist Coverage

Last Friday, in a tragic  hit and run wreck, an alleged drunk driver hit a group of pedestrians, including UT soccer players Kylie Doniak and Leah Payne.   Our thoughts are certainly with the injured and the families of the injured, especially Ms. Doniak, who was seriously injured.  But the incident is also a lesson to others.  In…

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Avoid Natural Gas Injury Claims

We’ve had a number of cases involving serious injuries related to natural gas.  They’ve run the gamut from an explosion in a residence to carbon monoxide poisoning cases from leaking appliances.  And the common theme is that all of them involved serious, and perhaps permanent, injuries.  That’s why I was so glad to see an article in…

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