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Archive for October 2011

Personal Injury Cases: What Is The Goal In The Mediation Process?

When I ask clients about the goal of the mediation process, they often respond that the goal is to “settle the case.” That’s wrong. For most of our personal injury cases, the goal of mediation is to get the defendant and insurance company to offer as much money to settle the case as they’re ever…

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Stages Of A Claim: The Investigation & Healing Stage

In most cases, our clients come in to see us shortly after their accident. Both of us have jobs at that point. You have two main jobs:  to get better and to document your injuries.  You get better by going to your medical providers, following their advice, and doing what is necessary to get better. You document your…

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Wrongful Death Claims Stack Up At Concert Venue

Stage collapses resulting in deaths have dominated the news lately, and are prompting the filing of wrongful death lawsuits. This reported case was filed by the family of a woman killed by a stage collapsing on her while she was attending a concert. The 42-year-old woman was treated to front row seats for the event…

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New Trucking Accident Danger?

Since I have represented a number of people in trucking accidents, I’ve written here about a number of different dangers of trucking accidents. But this trucking accident danger  is new for me. Trucker Louis Holst and his wife had picked up a load that included 460 bee hives.  When his load became unstable, the truck toppled over,…

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Head Injury Training Program a Step in the Right Direction for Youth Sports

Playing sports is a right of passage for many kids. But kids can suffer serious head trauma and jeopardize their future. It goes without saying that playing sports is a big part of going to school. Volleyball, basketball, football, hockey, and soccer are some of the most popular sports. Kids risk sustaining serious injuries if…

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Personal Injury Cases: Types Of Information Kept From The Jury

I’m spending a little time today preparing for a jury trial in a couple of weeks, and due to some circumstances, it got me thinking about the things about a case that a jury doesn’t get to know.  These issues sometimes come up when talking to new clients. One of the common comments I hear is, “If the…

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