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Archive for August 2011

Texas Tops The List For Auto-Train Collisions

Tuesday morning, the Austin Police Department conducted an unusual sting — one designed to catch drivers who disregard traffic signals at rail road crossings. Sadly, Texas is at the top of the list for train wrecks, and the problem is increasing in Austin as the commuter trains move into downtown.  Last year there were 16…

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Protect Your Child From Concussions Or Head Injuries With A Proper Football Helmet

Football season….it reminds me of the Christmas Song…”It’s The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year.” While each football season brings excitement, camaraderie, and fun, it also brings new cases of head injuries or concussions.  And for some reason, football related head injuries and concussions have been in the news lately.  Just this week, several former…

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APD Seeks To Reduce The Risks Of Distracted Driving

If you’ve read the blog regularly at all, you know that one of my pet topics is distracted driving.  We see distracted drivers causing unnecessary car wrecks and trucking wrecks and personal injuries on an almost weekly basis.  And police officers aren’t immune to the problem — in fact, the potential problem is worse for police…

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What Is Mediation?

A mediation is a settlement conference led by a neutral third-party, the mediator. The mediator is often, but not always, a lawyer.  In Texas, most courts require you to go through a mediation before you can get a trial in your case. Generally, the mediation starts with an opening session where all the parties are present. In many cases,…

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