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Archive for April 2011

We're Moving

Sorry for sparse posting the last two weeks, but we’ve been swamped with trial prep  (my trial set for next Monday settled earlier this week) and an office move. As of Monday, our new address will be: Perlmutter & Schuelke, PLLC 206 E 9th St., Ste. 1511 Austin, Texas 78701 We hope to get back…

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Violent Big Rig Crash Kills Three and Injuries 17 Others

In terms of spectacular accidents, this one would be right up there. It involved two school buses and a big rig. It was a relatively ordinary day, and the school kids on the two buses were coming back from a function they had attended at a local university. The 60 students and their two teachers…

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Auto Accidents: You Too Can Earn A New Job By Texting While Driving

Kudos to the Austin Police Department for a new initiative that they’re launching this week. Between now and the end of school, the police department will place plain clothes officers around schools throughout the city to look out for drivers texting in school zones (which I hope you all know by now is illegal) and…

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Auto Accidents: A Spoof Conversation With An Adjuster

This short video has a parody of a conversation between an injured person and an Allstate insured.  While it’s a parody, there is a lot of truth to the issues raised in the video, including the attempts to blame the victim, the ridiculous mischaracterization of what the victim said, and the Allstate adjuster’s hands being…

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Car Wrecks: Good News And Bad News From The Legislature

Surprisingly, in the midst of the ever-looming budget battle, auto accident-related legislation has been front and center thise week. On the safety front, Texas is one-step closer to banning texting while driving.  A proposed texting while driving ban received preliminary approval from  the house yesterday.   The ban isn’t a full ban — it would prohibit drivers from texting while…

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Investigating Roll-Over Accidents

We’ve represented people in a number of roll-over accidents, and I have made several posts, many of which emphasize the undiscovered potential claims that arise in roll-over cases. Today, my friend Steve Lombardi, a Des Moines, Iowa personal injury lawyer, has a good blog post that talks about investigating roll-over accidents.  Steve’s post walks you…

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