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Archive for September 2010

Naming a defendant in trucking wreck can be difficult

Between the disastrous wreckages and severe injuries, accidents involving big rigs can be very complicated. The fact that it’s often hard to pin down a defendant in these cases makes them even more difficult. Without a doubt, the trucking industry is a major backbone of the American economy. Without trucks, many goods could not be…

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Austin / I35 Trucking Accident Shows The Dangers Of I35

There was a tragic trucking accident yesterday on I35 near downtown.  Around 9:15 a.m., near the 6th-12th street exit on I35, a truck rear-ended another car, and likely caused a four car collision, though investigations are still underway.  Courtney Longbotham, of Waco, was killed and several others were seriously injured.  The early reports have included speculation that…

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Austin Police Department Fighting Its Own Distracted Driving

 Seventy-four year old Louis Olivier was seriously injured in a car wreck caused by a distracted police officer.  And he’s not alone.  In the three years from July 1, 2007 and June 30, 2010, Austin Police Department officers were involved in 741 crashes, with nearly 20 percent of these wrecks caused by distracted driving.  As…

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It’s not just construction workers that may be hurt on the job

Accidents can and do happen every day, and not just on construction sites. Even with the nation’s economy still in turmoil, there are still at least 100 million people that still have a job to go to. The jobs vary in what they demand of those who ply their trade to make a living. Just…

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The higher the potential damages, the more vigorous the defense

With catastrophic injuries, damage settlements or verdicts tend to be higher. Serious injuries merit more argument from the defense to save money. “A catastrophic injury is one that is gravely serious; one that alters a person’s life irrevocably. Typically, those types of injuries are spinal cord injuries, crush injuries, brain damage, amputations and third degree…

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Former Texas Supreme Court Justice Sued — When Can A Person Be Sued For Providing Alcohol To Others? (An Important Question For Footall Game-Watching Parties)

  In yesterday’s Austin American Statesman, Chuck Lindell wrote an article describing a lawsuit filed against former Texas Supreme Court Justice Tom Phillips.  The lawsuit alleges that Phillips and his wife allowed a party to go on at their home where minors were served alcohol and that one of the minors was killed in a…

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