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Archive for December 2009

New York Times Speaks Out On Work Zone Car Wrecks and Accidents

One of the most dangerous parts of any drive — for both motorists and for construction workers — are highway work zones.  Unfortunately, the dangers posed by construction zones do not receive a lot of publicity.   Maybe that is changing.  Yesterday’s New York Times contained a feature article:  Efforts Lag at Making Highway Work Zones Safer.    Some…

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I'm Still Hurt After A Personal Injury Settlement. What Do I Do?

In the last few days, a couple of people have found our website by making Google searches asking what to do if they’re still hurt after their personal injury settlement.  The answer in Texas is that they are probably out of luck.  We continually warn prospective clients and injured persons that one of the biggest…

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Injured? Avoid High-Volume Settlement Mill Attorneys

I’ve long warned injured persons about hiring lawyers who engaged in a high-volume mill practice. Now, a Stanford law professor has taken a hard look at settlement mill law firms. Professor Nora Engstrom has authored Run-of-the-Mill Justice in the Fall 2009 issue of the Georgetown Journal of Legal Ethics. “Over the past three decades, no development…

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