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Archive for October 2009

Injured In An I-35 Accident? How Do You Find A Lawyer?

I’ll be honest.  I groaned when I saw this first question listed for our I-35 blog group.  The first reaction I had to writing about this question was that it was too similar to obnoxious billboards I’ve seen for personal injury lawyers in Dallas or Houston. But then I thought back to some of my experiences.  Having done…

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Something A Little Different – A Nationwide Look At I-35 Wrecks

Many of our serious injury cases are the result of car or trucking wrecks on I-35.  Because it’s an interstate, with more cars and trucks traveling at higher rates of speed than typical roads, I-35 has more opportunities for drivers, construction workers, and others to be injured in accidents.  But it’s not a problem that’s limited…

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Don't Drink And Drive Following Your Game-Watching Party

Saturday afternoon, my family attended the funeral of my great-aunt.  After the funeral, some of the family members and guests were to attend the burial north of Austin.  Normally, funeral processions go without incident.  But not this one.  As the family’s limousine was passing through an intersection, a drunk driver ran a red light, hit the…

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Texas Medical Malpractice Reform and More Docs, part 2

Last week we posted about the New York Times article on the alleged influx of doctors as a result of Texas’s medical malpractice reform.  Since then, the New York Personal Injury Blog has chimed in (with interesting stats that we wish we had thought to look for), and Bill Childs Torts Profs’ Blog has posted…

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Distracted Driving Lands Driver 30 Day Jail Sentence

I’ve been on a bit of a blog hiatus because we’re in the process of re-designing the website,  but this story begs to be blogged about. Today, a  Texas judge sentenced a 24 year old Humble woman to 30 days in jail and 10 years probation and ordered her to pay a $10,000.00 fine after her…

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