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Archive for July 2009

What we can learn from D Magazine’s “My $25,000 Fender Bender"

Many of my fellow plaintiff’s lawyers are up in arms over a recent D magazine article purporting to tell the story of a claim and lawsuit after the author was involved in a “minor car accident.” The article, My $25,000 Fender Bender: How a minor car accident, a high-strung Ethiopian lawyer, a sick dog, an…

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Car Wrecks Caused By Wrong-Way Drivers Are Causing Too Many Fatalities

This weekend, eight people in New York, including four young children, were killed when their minivan entered a highway going the wrong direction and collided with two other vehicles. It seems almost too bizarre to be true, but wrong-way drivers are more common than one would think. In fact, Sunday’s wrong-way wreck was the second…

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New Data Shows Cell Phone Use Contributing To Car Wrecks And Wrongful Deaths

Yesterday’s New York Times broke a story that two public interest groups had obtained research and studies from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration that document the dangers of cell phone use while driving. Apparently the documents and a requested study of 10,000 drivers were all shelved because the NHTSA was more worried about politics…

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Protect Your Children From Drowning

None of us think it will happen to us or our kids, but it does. For whatever reason, Austin is seeing an increase in child drownings the last few years. Yesterday, officials from Dell Children’s Medical Center warned about the alarming increase in child drowning injuries. In 2007, there were two child drowning deaths in…

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