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Archive for March 2009

Austin Intersections Among Worst In US

Yesterday, I spent almost all day up at the legislature with plaintiff’s attorneys from around the state for a hearing on an important piece of personal injury litigation. We were sitting and talking, and one of the attorneys from out of town asked me if there are any particular intersections in town that are notoriously…

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Could Lane Splitting Become Legal In Texas?

Take a few seconds to watch a portion of the below video before reading the rest of this post. (Don’t watch the whole thing. If you’re like me, it will give you motion sickness.) The video is an example of lane splitting, the tactic of motorcycles driving between lanes of traffic. It looks dangerous to…

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Cornyn: Pot Meet Kettle (Or How Should Texas Select Judges)

“A judge’s job is to apply the law and, in the absence of a jury, to decide the facts of the case. This job description should not include advancing a personal or partisan agenda from the bench. When a judge brings a personal agenda or partisan commitments to the bench, the rule of law suffers,…

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Ponzi Schemes Make For Strange Bedfellows

Lawsuits about Ponzi schemes seem to be all the rage now.  At the end of last year, mega-firm Holland & Knight formed a Madoff Advisory Group.  The head of the group stated that: Holland & Knight is already assisting a number of companies, financial institutions, charitable foundations and individuals who have been impacted by the…

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