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Archive for September 2008

Corruption in the Court of Appeals?

There has been a really interesting story the last two days in the local paper discussing allegations of potential corruption at the Austin Court of Appeals. First, some background.  As most know, Travis County District Attorney Ronnie Earle had indicted Tom Delay and others for violations of the Texas Election Code.  The defendants challenged the…

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5 Non-Law Blogs and 5 Legal Bloggers

This weekend, I was tagged by the Torts Prof professors to participate in the latest legal blog meme by naming 5 non-law blogs I find interesting and tagging 5 other legal bloggers to do the same.  Because Austin is the #1 blogging city in the country, I thought I’d make my lists with a little…

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My Thoughts On Ike

Forgive me as I go a bit off topic. As trial lawyers, we’re taught that it’s important to tell your story to the jury. Stories are powerful. Most of us in Texas have spent the last few days watching the news. I mean, I had lunch at a sports bar Friday, and most of the TVs…

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Texas Football, DWI, and Lessons Learned

It’s no secret that I’m a University of Texas sports fan.  My dad played baseball at UT, I have undergrad and law degrees from UT, my mom went to UT, and my younger brother went to UT.  I have two kids, each of whom knew the Eyes of Texas and Texas Fight by the time…

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Texas's New One Free Murder Rule

I have often been quick to criticize the current Texas Supreme Court regarding its decisions in the tort arena, but last week, they may have outdone themselves. Last week they handed down a decision in Trammel Crow v. Gutierrez that has emasculated inadequate security premises liability cases – cases where the injured person says that…

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