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Archive for July 2008

The Personal Injury Law Round-Up is ALIVE

Earlier this week, the guys (and gal) over at TortsProf announced that they would take over the Personal Injury Law Round-Up.  I presume that their first effort will be tomorrow.  Hopefully, with three profs to contribute, they can avoid the over-work, burnout issue. I’d also suggest that all go to their site and listen to their…

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Insurance Company Rules

I don’t know anything about HealthCareForAmerica.  I don’t know their platform, and I obviously can’t say whether I support their positions.  Having said that, their video, INSURANCE COMPANY RULES, will speak to most personal injury attorneys and their clients. And I want to thank San Antonio personal injury lawyer Ed Goldner for the heads up…

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Personal Injury Law Round-Up Update

As most of you probably noticed, there hasn’t been a Personal Injury Law Round-Up for the last two weeks. I have been on vacation, and have not taken the time to post. I would have liked to have warned people that no posts would be forthcoming, but my family isn’t too thrilled with the idea…

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Does the Tort System Help Reduce Crane Accidents?

The front page story of this morning’s Austin American Statesman noted that city council member Mike Martinez is proposing that the city staff study whether the city should regulate the use of cranes in the city. Given that there seem to be more cranes dotting the Austin skyline than buildings, and given the far too frequent…

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Personal Injury Law Round-Up #69

I apologize. I spent last Friday by the grill (thus the picture) and not grinding out another round-up. (We had brisket and pulled pork for those of you wondering.) But after that brief hiatus, the Personal Injury Law Round-Up is happy to return to the blogosphere. We’ve got a fair amount of news this week,…

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