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Archive for June 2007

Bad News from Austin: Perry's Vetoes Hurts Texas Personal Injury Victims

Austin continues to be a source of bad news for personal injury victims.  Staying true to form, Governor Perry rushed to beat legislative deadlines so he could veto numerous bills from the last legislative session.  Unfortunately, two of his vetoes really hurt Texas auto accident victims. The first veto was of House Bill 3281, which…

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A lawyer's guide to Father's Day

Not our usual post, but we’re both fathers, and in honor of father’s day, we thought the USA Today article, A Lawyer’s Guide to Father’s Day, deserves a link.  Among the highlights of the article: But the most important lesson is that all children are born with an innate sense of the law. Indeed, when…

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The Risky Life of a Patient

There is an interesting guest column in today’s East Texas Review, a small East Texas newspaper, titled The Risky Life of a Patient.  The general gist of the column is that when we visit contractors, car dealers, or even lawyers, we’re on guard to avoid becoming victims of one sort or another.  We’re not on alert with the health…

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