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Archive for May 2007

Be Wary of What You Write: The Internet Lasts Forever

It started so simply.  The pediatrician wanted an outlet to vent  and express his ideas so he started a blog.  Blogging under the name “Flea,” he had a fairly popular blog with intellectually stimulating posts.   But Flea was sued for malpractice after he allegedly failed to diagnose that one of his patients was diabetic, and…

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Doctors Requiring "No Sue" Agreements

A recent issue of Lawyers’ Weekly has an article that discusses the trend of some doctors requiring patients to contractually limit their rights to bring medical malpractice claims before the doctors will provide medical service.  The agreements at issue would require patients to agree to arbitrate their claims and agree to limit their claims to $250,000.00. Aside…

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Medical Malpractice After Dark

In the June 1, 2007 issue of Reader’s Digest, Night Shift Nightmare discusses the well known phenomenon that more hospital medical malpractice occurs over night and on the weekends.  From the article: There are many reasons to feel anxious when entering a hospital. In April, a HealthGrades study showed that some 248,000 patient deaths over…

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