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Archive for April 2007

Texas Supreme Court Is At It Again — Arbitration Clause

The Texas Supreme Court has once again rejected the claims of an individual plaintiff in favor of a corporate defendant. This time, the opinion involved an arbitration agreement. It has long been held that arbitration agreements are not enforceable if they are unconscionable, if they were signed under duress, or if they were the result…

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How long will my case last? What will it cost?

The two questions that almost every client ask are “how long will the case last?” and, if the case is not contingent, “what will it cost?”  Those two questions are difficult to answer because the opposing lawyer and the opposing party are such big factors. In every case, we try and let the other side know that we…

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Sexual Harassment

We’ve been getting more and more calls about sexual harassment from potential clients in Austin and Central Texas.  As a result, we’ve added a short primer on the Basics of Sexual Harassment to our Sexual Harassment and Employment Discrimination page.  We hope you find the information useful. To contact Austin Personal Injury Lawyer, Austin Personal Attorney,…

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Supreme Court Justice in the Hotseat

Texas Watch continues to follow the saga of Texas Supreme Court Justice Nathan Hecht.  As you may recall, Hecht was censured for remarks made about former US Supreme Court nominee Harriet Miers.  Hecht fought those charges and incurred significant legal fees in the process.  Reportedly, Hecht then sought the passage of a state law that…

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