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Archive for February 2007

Vanishing Jury Trial, Part 2

Earlier we wrote about Professor Gerald Powell’s amicus brief filed with the Texas Supreme Court in Coca Cola v. Harmar.  In the brief, Professor Powell criticized the Court for its continued willingness to reverse juries’ findings.  Professor Powell is not alone in his criticism of the Court.  Another coalition of law school professors has filed…

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Judicial Tort Reform in Texas

Regular readers and visitors to our website certainly know our views that the Texas Supreme Court often seeks results-oriented decisions to favor insurance companies and big businesses (we’ve previously written about this here, here and here).  Our opinion has been reinforced by a law review article, Judicial Tort Reform In Texas, by Professor Dave Anderson…

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Car Wrecks: Insurers Playing Hardball

Last week, CNN ran a special report detailing how insurance companies, led by Allstate and State Farm, have adopted hardball tactics on car wreck claims in order to boost their profits.  Some excerpts of an article are as follows: If you are injured in a minor car crash, chances are good that you will be…

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Tort Reform – The False Choice

As the legislature reconvenes in Austin, Texas Watch released a new study called THE FALSE CHOICE: DOCTORS OR ACCOUNTABILITY. The main premise of the study is that Texans were provided a false choice between access to health care and protecting patient rights when presented with tort reform’s Prop 12 in 2003.  The study makes three…

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Insurance Premiums — We're Not Number 1

Great News.  According to an article in the Fort Worth Star Telegram, Texas is no longer number 1 in the country in costs of homeowners’ insurance.  We have recently slipped into second place behind Florida.  However, our drop could be shortlived.  Alex Winslow, director of Texas Watch, says that Florida has recently enacted homeowners’ insurance…

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Car Wrecks: Personal Injury Claims

Brooks had his follow up interview on News 8.  This time he addressed what to do for your personal injuries following a wreck.  To watch the segment, click here, then hit the play button in the “watch the video” box. To contact Austin Personal Injury Lawyer, Austin Personal Attorney, Austin Accident Lawyer, Austin Injury Lawyer…

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