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Archive for November 2006

Personal Injury Lawyers: A Few Bad Apples

It’s no secret that trial lawyers, in general, and personal injury lawyers, in particular, have a bad name. We like to believe that this reputation is caused by a few bad apples that really do deserve the name “ambulance chasers.” An undercover story yesterday by WOAI television in San Antonio revealed a situation where one…

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Litigation as a source of reform

Today’s Washington Post contains a story documenting how the emergency room death of a teenage daughter and the resulting litigation and uproar led to a series of reforms that revolutionized the medical education system. That kind of information is not news to us.  For years, trial lawyers have used litigation and the threat of litigation…

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Holiday Toy Safety

In time for the holidays, the US Public Interest Research Group has just released their 2006 list of dangerous toys. There are the usual suspects of toys that may have choking hazards or dangerously loud noises, but two new threats show up this year. Increasingly popular are toys that contain small, high powered magnets. These…

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Medical Malpractice: Costs for medical mistakes

In reviewing medical malpractice cases, we’re not really surprised by the rate of malpractice. But we are surprised by the number of medical providers that routinely bill patients and insurance companies for the care that went wrong and, even more appalling, for the care needed to correct the initial mistakes. In the past, individual patients…

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Texas Personal Injury News: Safer Vehicles

This morning, the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety released its list of top safety picks for 2007 vehicles.  This list looks radically different from last year’s list because the Institute required all picks to have electronic stability control, a feature that has a proven track record in helping avoid one vehicle accidents. We encourage anyone…

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