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Archive for October 2006

Arbitration and the Godless Bloodsuckers

We have often written about problems with mandatory arbitration, but even we were shocked by the allegations made by Richard Neely, a former justice of the West Virginia Supreme Court, about the National Arbitration Forum, one organization that provides arbitrators for commercial disputes, in his article, Arbitration and the Godless Bloodsuckers.  Neely describes his solicitation…

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Consumer Protection From Washington?

The last few years have been difficult for consumers on the federal level. More and more legislation provides immunity to various businesses for defective products or drugs, and new agency level interpretations of existing statutes have been interpreted as preempting more favorable state laws. But the last few weeks have brought some small glimmer of…

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Supreme Court Scorecard

Texas Watch, an advocacy organization set out to improve consumer and insurance protection for Texas families, has published its Consumer Scorecard of Texas Supreme Court Justices.  After reviewing all consumer cases from the Court’s 2005-2006 term, Texas Watch gave each justice the grade of “F.”  In reaching those rankings, the survey had several startling findings:…

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Texas Personal Injury: Remember the Two Second Rule

No, we’re not talking about cookies dropped on the floor. Think back to driver’s ed when you learned that you should follow two seconds behind the vehicle in front of you. Tailgating and aggressive driving are two of the leading causes of automobile wrecks. And now, police departments across the country have started taking action. A…

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Medical Malpractice From A Consumer’s Perspective

A recent article in the Detroit News describes General Motors’ costs due to medical errors and inefficiencies and GM’s effort to force reform in the Detroit area. The real attention-getter in the article comes from the introduction: Sam Shalaby is a car guy. He used to run a Delphi components plant in Dayton, and his language is…

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