Second Stage Of A Personal Injury Case: Written Discovery Phase

The second stage of the typical personal injury case is the written discovery phase.  In this stage, the parties exchange requests for information.  There are four standard methods that are frequently used for this:  the request for disclosure, interrogatories, the request for production, and the request for admissions.

The request for disclosure asks each party to provide basic information.  The items requested are specifically set out in our rules of procedure so a party has to provide the requested information.

Interrogatories are questions that the parties ask one another.  Some of the questions are generic that are asked in most cases, and some are specific to your case.

Requests for production are requests that the parties send one another asking for documents relevant to the case.  Like interrogatories, some of the questions are generic, and some are specific to your case.

Requests for admissions are requests that the parties send one another asking each other to admit certain undisputed facts of the case.

You can view other pages on our websites to find more information and examples of requests for disclosure, interrogatories, and requests for production.

This stage of the case is generally easy on you because we do most of the work.  We will get with you to go over the requests and make sure we have the right answers, but by and large, we do the work in the preparation of these responses.  So this is more work than the pleading stage, but not as much work as you’ll have later.

Posted on: November 5, 2011 |

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